Monday, 17 October 2016

Well, this is embarrasing

It's a phrase used by Wordpress when it can't find the page from a search engine result...and today I realised that this blog may not be showing because I haven't posted for two years..
It's not like I haven't been active, but I HAVE been getting a bit more into Wordpress and I have my own server...well I actually have two now, but that's a long story..
So I came to look at the site today, and my browser is trying to load a holding page..but not managing it, so I'm thinking 'If I post something, maybe they will put me back online??'
Here goes then....

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Marine Transport Logistics

Many companies needing to transport heavy loads around the globe will have considered Marine Transport Logistics.
The company I work for is considering the export market in the near future, and the weight of the goods we supply may mean that we have to search long and hard to find the most cost-effective transportation methods.
Specialized transport companies use containers to ship a wide variety of products around the world by sea.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Catching Up

Posting has been tricky lately due to pressure of work, I am behind in all sorts of areas... We are still a bit behind the production curve at work, so I have been working hard to try and cover all sorts of bases at once.
I should have at least started ny online Tax self-assessment, but as yet, have given it very little thought - having said that, I have completed my spreadsheet - I just haven't done any of the on-line submission work yet.
I took most of the week off last week to take part in a half-term Soccer School for youngsters aged between 10 and 13, so that took quote a lot of my energy. Still have lots to do around the house too, and we are considering investing in a new roof this year too! Such a lot of money to spend, but such a weight off my mind to finally have the roof done, it HAS to be worth it in the long run.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

copper magnetic bracelet

I know a number of people who have taken to wearing a copper magnetic bracelet and have wondered how effective they are at reducing the effects of arthritis.

I have had joint pain for quite a few years, but mostly suffer in my shoulders, neck and back. Copper bracelets are supposed to reduce inflammation and pain, but they can actually look quite nice too. Apparently a bracelet worn on the wrist can relieve pain in the wrists, arm and the neck, but for leg pain, an ankle bracelet may be worn.

I think I am almost convinced, and for not more than about $20, I think it has to be worth a shot...

Friday, 21 March 2014

iPhone update

Today, I thought I would try something new and actually post an update from my new iPhone... I am finding more reasons to like this little phone (the 4S is a lot smaller than my Android device). The latest discovery is that the GPS is a lot better (although as the phone is probably four times as expensive as my Android, I guess you would expect that.
There is another thing to like though... The iPhone, once connected to Bluetooth is able to give driving directions via my car speakers, interrupting the CD/radio, something that I had hoped my Android would be able to do... I'm not saying it's impossible to make the Android phone do the same thing, but it is much easier to do with the iPhone because it anticipates that you might want to have this feature - so you just click an on-screen option.
I would not yet say that the iPhone represents value for money by any stretch of the imagination, but am impressed by the way that the 'phone anticipates and integrates with other systems and devices.
So I think I am happy that I can use the iPhone to post a blog entry, seems to work OK bearing in mind the limitations of the small screen. I didn't install any app, just used the native browser and signed into Google. Again, seems to work fairly seamlessly - more kudos to Apple apart from the fact that the JAVA for adding labels does not want to work....

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Android Update

More and more I am finding that I am using my phone as a mobile gaming device - which is fine as long as it doesn't end up having adverse affects on normal working and family life. I note that the idea of giving up Facebook or some other online site or device for Lent is very popular this year - I don't really subscribe to the 'giving up for Lent' brigade, but it has brought to my attention just how time-consuming it can be when you have access to emails and games an social media 24/7.
I tend not to use my Android much whilst I am at work, there is not really the time because we are so busy - I tend to access games when the rest of the household has gone to bed and I am 'winding down', so it doesn't have an impact on family life (as long as I don't play for hours and lose essential sleep time). All-in-all I don't think it has a negative impact on these two significant areas (family and work), but I can see how it might with some personalities.
I am 'into' my games (currently I access four on a regular basis, two daily and two weekly) but will endeavour to ensure that they do not impact on 'reality' to any significant degree.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

iPhone update

I am finding some of the aspects of the iPhone to be quite invaluable, but partly that is because our works IT department have integrated iPhone apps into our network. We have started using 'Outlook' at work for emails, this also incorporates calendars and scheduling - the integration with the iPhone works well and I find that I get emails and meeting reminders directly to my phone which is a bonus.
I am sure it could be made to work just as well with an Android equivalent system, but as I haven't had the chance to compare, I can only report that integration with the iPhone seems to work really well. It frees me up to be fairly mobile around the workspace without having to check emails and calendars on a laptop or PC at regular intervals.
I think we are planning to integrate our long-awaited SAP system with the iPhone and iPad too, so I will be able to report on that once it is done. The SAP system will control every aspect of the business from processing orders, receipting stock, creating production tasks through to invoicing and customer relation management. Quite how it will be able to integrate with an iPhone is not clear yet, I look forward to finding out - I may even end up not needing one of my current devices (I currently have both a laptop and a desktop at work in different locations) if the iPhone can integrate with the essential business tools that we use.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

NAS update

Having tried pretty much every trick I can find on forums for kick-starting my NAS, it still refuses to work properly. This is one of the more disappointing aspects of eBay buying - if you need support for a product like this, it can be a frustrating experience. The vendor has been helpful and supplied a link that was used by him when he first started up the NAS, so I will follow that up probably later today.
The error I am getting may be a hardware issue - so I am now wondering if, although the three hard-drives I have put in the NAS are recognised by the system, whether it will only actually be able to format certain drives that are on the list of recommended drives for this equipment.
More to follow, fingers crossed and all that...

Monday, 24 February 2014

Reeds jewelry store

Companies like Reeds jewelry store have realized the power of the web when it comes to selling to the current market. The products are well presented and the website gives you confidence in both the products and the retailer.
Using the power of good web design, you can create the right ambiance, just the right level of opulence without having to invest in fine silk backdrops and expensive mahogany display cabinets that would be essential for a High Street retailer. This online shop exudes class even in the all-important 'clearance' section - personally I always check out the clearance section of any online store in the hope of sniffing out a bargain.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

'New' iPhone

I have semi-reluctantly joined the 'herd' and now have an iPhone, but would point out in my defence that it is not one that I have bought, but one supplied by my employer. I feel I should explain because I am one of those that have displayed a bit of 'inverted snobbery' concerning Apple products and their marketing strategies for a while...
So, I now have the chance to compare iPhone with Android and will probably from time to time, post about the pro's and cons. Initially then I have to say I did not warm to the iPhone (Mine is the 4S) interface, but then if you are used to one Operating System, there are always going to be a level of resistance at the start. Suffice to say that I am starting to grow a little fonder of this 'little' phone (my Android has a 5.4" screen!), and although others have criticised smart-phones in general for their lack of ability to be a 'phone' - this one works well if you want to make or take calls!! It actually is a better telephone than my Android as far as I am concerned - I find my Android actually a bit too cumbersome to use as a phone and I also struggle to hear callers properly without using the speakerphone.
I am not able to load it up with apps as it is a works device, but the apps for messaging and for email are fine - it connected to my home wi-fi easily. The iPhone is running iOS7, and I quite like the smooth way in which the interface moves from one screen to another. I managed to link via bluetooth to the Nokia in-car system, so am once more hands-free. (I managed the same thing easily with my Android, but running bluetooth all the time drains the Android whereas it doesn't see to drain the iPhone quite as dramatically).
So those are my initial thoughts, I am quite sure I will have more discoveries both good and bad to report...

Friday, 21 February 2014

Tuxedo for kids

Whether it's for a wedding or some other special occasion, it's important to look the part - that's why so many companies make a living providing clothing just for weddings.
So the grown-ups are well-catered for, but what about the kids? It not always easy to find the right tuxedo for kids unless you have a really great selection to choose from.
The website I found had nearly 60 different outfits in the 'tuxedo' section ranging from natty suits to a full white tux with trousers and waistcoat - to suit anything from toddlers to teens.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

NAS update

I was pretty sure from the start that the NAS I bought from eBay would not be straightforward to set up, and in that sense it has lived up to expectations. As soon as I started it up, it went into alarm function because it had detected that the data on the drives was not there. To compound the problem, the software I downloaded for controlling the NAS could not 'see' it on the network.
I have now got to the stage where it is visible and have finally discovered the 'reset' button - unfortunately I now need to force the firmware onto the system before I can get any further and I got a bit stuck at this stage.
I will 'open negotiations' with it again sometime this week and see if I can force the update (may be easier now I have found the reset button) - I have been relying on forums for instructions on how to resolve the issue, but have still got a little way to go. I'm not really sure where I go from here if I can't get it working, but there is a support phone number, so I may try that if I get really desperate....

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Swings and Roundabouts...

There is this fantastic company for swing sets in virginia beach that I spotted on the web the other day. Any child would be in seventh heaven just to play on one of these never mind actually having your own to play with at home.

This company makes bespoke playsets to suit exactly the space that you have available, unfortunately in our case, that's not much at all...

However for those with the right sort of space in the backyard, you can create the playground of your dreams (for the kids of course, strictly for the kids...)

Monday, 17 February 2014

Go-Karts for kids

Of course, every child should have a go-kart, but I'm wondering if these are really go karts for kids? With four-stroke, 5.5 horse power engines, running up to nearly 30mph and headlights for night driving??

This sounds like a kids item that would keep some adults I know amused for a lifetime never mind a few hours.

All I can say is if you have the space to run around in one of these, your kids will surely love you forever if you were to buy one!(assuming of course that you allow them to drive it).

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Virgin Media Update

Just had notification this week of my next Virgin Media bill and sure enough it will be about £10 cheaper than I was paying before which will be a saving of over £100 a year, plus a brand new router makes the phone calls and hassles worthwhile.
I have not received any reply to the survey I submitted a few weeks ago, makes you wonder if they take any notice, although I have heard they usually deal with complaints thoroughly.
Overall I am happy to remain a Virgin Media customer, I get a reasonable deal for phone and internet, plus I am getting a good deal for the mobile phone accounts that I have because I am a media customer (one for me, my wife and my daughter). The two for my daughter and my wife have limitless texts, but for mine I have chosen the go for the large internet data tariff, I get a massive 5GB of data, but if I get into text conversations with the family I end up exceeding my 50 texts a month - I accidentally did this for the first two months, and am hoping not to make that mistake again... I pay £8.22 for my account which included a Sony Experia which is now out of contract, the other two accounts are £7 each - I should probably see if there is a free upgrade for the Experia or switch mine to SIM only, but for the extra 1.22  month, I don't really want to lose the 5GB data even though I never get anywhere near using it up... When I can summon up the energy to ring Virgin again, I will see if I might be able to wangle a new phone....

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Network Attached Storage

I finally bought myself a NAS (OK it's the second one I have bought, but the first one was rubbish! so this time I went for a proper brand-name system). It is second hand and winging it's way to me from eBay as I write...

I went for a Buffalo Terastation in the end as I found a reasonably-priced one, but would have liked a Netgear Readynas if they didn't command such high prices. The Terastation I have bought is supposedly in good working order but has no disks, which is perfect for me as I have a bunch of disks that I want to put into it. I now need to recover any of the data that I might want from these disks before the NAS arrives, that way I can start with blank disks and use the NAS as my future storage system.

I think it will take me a while to set it up especially as I will have to download all the software for it before I can start using it - I think I will use the default 'RAID5' setting, that way each disk has a partition set aside for recovery purposes - if any one of the four disks fail, the other disks will have sufficient back-up to be able to repopulate a new disk with all the lost data - neat huh?

I paid £65 (free postage) for the NAS by taking the 'buy-it-now' option on an auction that would have otherwise started at £45 - the trouble is once the bidding starts, I figured it would go for more than £65 anyway, so bit the bullet and shelled out some of my hard-earned PayPal fund... Having done a few cassette to CD conversions recently and had income from some other online sources, I think this will be going down as one of my many 'business expenses' in this tax year.

I will be sure to post an update once I have been able to get the thing up and running and give it a bit of a road-test. I am hoping I will discover some great features to make use of once I start to explore what it can do...